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Collaborative Agents  Research & Development | CARE Workshops


An international workshop series on intelligent and autonomous agents that need to collaborate under uncertainty and incompleteness. 

CARE 2019

CARE for a Smarter Health

AAMAS-19, Montreal, Canada

CARE 2018

CARE for a Smarter Health

IJCAI-ECAI-18, Stockholm, Sweden

CARE 2016

CARE for Digital Education

AAMAS 2016, Singapore

CARE 2015

CARE for Social Apps and

Ubiquitous Computing

AAMAS 2015, Istambul, Turkey

CARE 2014

CARE for Intelligent Mobile Services

AAMAS 2014, Paris, France

CARE 2013

CARE for a Smarter Society

AIH 2013, Dunedin, NZ

CARE 2011

AAMAS 2011, Taipei, Taiwan

CARE 2010

IAT 2010, Toronto, Canada

CARE 2009

AI 2009, Melbourne, Australia

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